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Shijiazhuang Dongmei Brush Co., Ltd.

Why Choose Dongshen---To understanding Dongshen all-round manufacturing


Strong Technical Team

Shijiazhuang Dongmei Brush Co., Ltd. was established in 1986. It is a makeup brush & shaving brush manufacturing company with integrating sales/design and production. It specializes in producing all kinds of makeup brush / shaving brush. We produce for high-quality makeup brush & shaving brush brands OEM in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and also customize ODM production for a large number of small, medium and large customers. Many customers have a long-term and stable good business cooperation with our company. Our professional design and manufacturing staff, focus on quality, keep promises, and provide customers with high-quality services efficiently and quickly responses. We have our own brands Dongshen, as well as numerous design patents and strong manufacturing capabilities.


With More than 100 employees,the factory of Dongshen Covers a total area of 15,000㎡. We have professional sales team, technical team and powerful design team,which is good at research and development. We have our own international brands Dongshen. In addition,we have our own domestic brand KITTY EAR,which specializes in makeup brush and integrates into the concept of health .We have obtained the international FSC certification. The experienced merchandisers, QA/QC team to ensure fast shipping and high quality.




Focused on industry research, research capabilities, equipment innovation, customer demonstrations to ensure effective customer support worldwide.To provide quality makeup brush,shaving brush,makeup tools and shaving tools.